The Egyptian Association for Training and Human Rights (EATHR)


EATHR is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which obtained an edict from the Ministry of Social Affairs with a permit for it to pursue its activities starting from the 10th of March 2004, under the number 1973.

The Association works in the fields of Human Rights and Administration through training members of certain career-paths to incorporate Human Rights in their professions. It also works to raise and spread awareness of Human Rights values within different careers. The Association also offers support to professions by organizing training programs to enhance career performance which keeps in line with the principles and international pledges in the field of civil, political, economic and social rights as well as countering all forms of discrimination, and ensuring the rights of women, children and the disabled.

The Association, the first Human Rights association in Egypt specialized in training, works on encouraging career skills in relation to Human Rights through general and special training programs, which feature lectures, open debate and workshops as well as the release of relevant publications. Through dialogue and group participation, the association attempts to spread awareness concerning civil rights and international legislations on Human Rights by examining its legal, social and political aspects.

The association aims to bring members of the media, legal profession and teaching profession up to date with the Information Age and to enable them to contribute in the reform process, called for in all aspects, whether political, social or economic. The association also aims to enable these elements to interact with the changing world order and the new vision of tolerance between nations, as well as introducing them to the legal limits that influence the process of connecting with the rest of the world.

It is the association’s aim to create specialized cadres in the differing training activities, as well as training activists and employees of Human Rights Organizations and other NGOs to improve their administrative performance.

The association recognizes the importance of cooperation in this field and intends to liaison with other Human Rights organizations, foremost amongst them the National Council for Human Rights. The aim is to implement the culture of Human Rights and reinforce the concepts of tolerance and understanding and initiating dialogue with other cultures. In this way, it counters terrorism, extremism and violence, as well as ensuring cooperating to counter the reasons for these phenomena through training and based on the premise of accepting the other and democratic disagreement.

The association’s board of trustees comprises five members from the fields of journalism and law (resumes are enclosed). The decision to create this association stemmed from their desire to contribute to the field of Human Rights and spread awareness of these rights as well as modernizing the administrative and organizational conditions of the different professions.

They are

Hazem Mohammed Mounir: President of the Board of Trustees –Journalist
Magdy Helmy Omran: Vice-President – Journalist
Sameer Al-Bagoury: General Secretary – Lawyer
Zeinab Mohammed Mansy: Trustee – Journalist
Ashraf Shehab: International Relations – Journalist